Health, Nutrition, and Fitness

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Health, Nutrition, and Fitness

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Test Overview

Learn how your genes can impact your health, nutrient intake, and even your fitness. A number of genes are now known to influence how our bodies process certain food types (a science known as nutrigenomics). A handful of genes are also implicated in our inherent fitness and performance attributes. Learning as much about this as possible can help guide our training and exercise needs.

What do we test for?

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Health and Fitness

(Aims / Genes)


(Aims / Genes)

Which Genes Do We Analyse for This Test?

Health and Fitness

Endurance / Power profile / Injury risk

Aim(s): Endurance profile, muscle damage

Gene(s) tested: ACE

Endurance / Power profile

Aim(s): Muscle type (endurance / sprinter / athlete)

Gene(s) tested: ACTN3

Aim(s): Endurance profile

Gene(s) tested: ADBR3

Aerobic profile

Aim(s): Endurance profile (VO2 max)

Gene(s) tested: PPARGC1A

Injury risk

Aim(s): Tendon and ligament injury

Gene(s) tested: COL1A1, COL5A1

Bone density

Aim(s): Vitamin D levels and requirements

Gene(s) tested: VDR



Aim(s): Caffeine metabolism

Gene(s) tested: CYP1A2*1F

Aim(s): Caffeine consumption

Gene(s) tested: CYP1A2, AHR


Aim(s): Lactose intolerance

Gene(s) tested: LCT


Aim(s): Alcohol metabolism

Gene(s) tested: ALDH2*2


Aim(s): Folic acid metabolism

Gene(s) tested: MTHFR


Aim(s): Type 2 diabetes and triglyceride levels

Gene(s) tested: PPARG

Aim(s): Response to diet

Gene(s) tested: APOA5

Aim(s): Measure of obesity

Gene(s) tested: FTO

“I’d not received any drastically bad news but there were some elements I should be aware of as I age and some markers that mean I should continue to have regular health checks”


– Anonymous

"90 minutes later I emerged out of Elite Medicine’s doors onto Harley Street, armed with my personal report and a determination to lead a healthier life."


– Charles Johnson

“The whole process of the testing had been remarkably easy – and I found the knowledge I gained both before the test and after it, truly fascinating. The doctors take huge care to ensure they have a full history and discuss any elements of your health that you find worrisome”


– Anonymous

“In my mind it is always so much better to be forewarned. Knowledge is, as they say, power”


– Anonymous

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