At Elite Medicine, we believe it is important that all genetic information is clearly explained before and after testing. Furthermore, expert physicians, supported by renowned genome scientists, lead all of our services, so that you receive only the latest and most accurate evidence-based health and lifestyle information.

We work closely with other clinical specialists should you require further medical or non-medical interventions.

Individualised Tests

Only after detailed and informed consultation will we help you choose the test that is right for you. Although your genetic code does not change, the scientific information relating to disease and fitness is constantly being updated, with new discoveries published daily. We aim to support you by regularly reviewing new scientific evidence that may pertain to your health profile.

Why Choose Our Tests?

• By providing testing of your entire genome (~22,000 genes) rather than the small fraction often offered by other companies, we can ensure the most comprehensive analysis possible.

• Testing is performed in accredited laboratories (CLIA, ISO13485).

• Genome analytics is performed using our Cambridge-based partner’s world-leading clinical interpretation tool (Sapientia™ by Congenica).

Who are our tests for?

• Healthy individuals who want to know if they are at risk of certain diseases, including cancers or cardiovascular diseases.

• Persons who want to benefit from better-prescribed medicines and avoid potential side effects.

• Individuals suffering from undiagnosed conditions where faulty genes might be the cause.

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